1. This shopping mall can deliver goods directly to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, etc. Electronic cigarettes and fumes are sensitive goods carrying batteries and liquids. Regional policies and charging standards are different. Please consult customer service policy in detail before placing an order.

2. This shopping mall suggests that you choose a more mature and customs clearance ability of the collection or express company cooperation. If you have not ordered electronic cigarettes and fumes from China, you can consult the customer service of the corresponding cooperative collection or express company.

3. When placing an order, please fill in the Mainland China address of the shipping or express company. The freight charges for other products may vary depending on the location of the express company, except for the package products. The freight charges are only sent to the warehouse in the Mainland, not to your location.

4. You have the right to ask the customer service to take photos for you after counting the quantity of the goods. After packing, the size and weight of the goods are obliged to inform you, and the number of the bill of lading and inquiry method sent to your warehouse from mainland China will inform you that the goods have been signed and received through your warehouse. If you find that the quantity of the goods is not correct, please contact your freight company in time.

5. For users who order goods from China for the first time, please choose the cooperative freight company carefully. Because of cheating or being detained by the customs, the shopping mall is not responsible. Do not trust the channel of low-price general merchandise, or induce fraud under the banner of recommending freight by the shopping mall.

6. Regarding the arrival cycle, except for the products scheduled, our shopping mall can reach your freight warehouse within 1-2 days from shipment to mainland Guangdong Province, and reach your warehouse within 2-4 days from the provincial perspective.